mss india

Hot Forging

MSS India has capacity to produce a wide range of forgings in copper and aluminium. Forging helps our customer to reduce the component weights, achieved complex shapes without having add a lot of machining operations. Due to the ability to produce forgings from 100 grams to 10 KGS, MSS has placed itself among the few suppliers who have a multi technology setups.

MSS has machines ranging from 300 ton 630 ton. MSS also have a quality machining cells to backup the forging cell, so parts can be produced quickly and efficiently.

  • Capacity:  Upto 10 KG for Copper
  • Material: ETP Copper and Copper Alloys, and Aluminum.
  • Sizes: As per customers specification.
  • Plating: Silver, Tin or any other up to 50 micron.
  • Special plating: Hard silver-plating having minimum 100Hv (micro hardness).

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