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Electric Car

Electrical car is the next big thing in the automotive industry. MSS is trying to make its a contribution by providing the products to the EV industry. The main products provide by MSS are the busbars which connection in the battery pack. Also, the rigid connectors (stamping/press parts) and flexible connections are provided to make a various connection within the car battery pack and the motor. MSS provides various types of insulation with these busbars like sleeving/epoxy coatings.

Bus Bars

Our sleeved, brazed, plated and bare fabricated busbars are produced to the highest standard and to customers specifications.
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Press compoents

We are able to produce highly complex and accurate press parts using our sophisticated presses.
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Copper Flexible Connectors

Our flexible connectors can be partially or fully plated, in tin and silver, or sleeved, with all sizes made to order.

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