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Solar Energy

Solar Energy is one of the most focused natural energy resources and it is expanded at a rapid space. MSS India is also working with our customer to provide solutions in these products.

DC/AC Converters : We provide a series of products which are used in Converters used in solar power stations. The main connection between the solar panels like Busbars (link to busbars) , welded busbars (link to busbars ), Laminated connectors (link to laminated connectors ) are provided by MSS.

Power Distribution Units : MSS is caters wide variety of current carrying parts which are used in Power distribution units used at Solar power stations. MSS Provides 3D Rods (link to 3D rods), Busbars (link to busbars), machined parts (link to machined parts), forgings (link to forgings), laminated/flexible connectors ( link to laminated connetors ) used in these distribution units.

Bus Bars

MSS India has a wide range of solutions for this segment. We produced main flat/twist/edge bend busbars which provide an internal connection in power distribution units.

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3D Rods

MSS also provides 3D Rods with complex shapes which are used for main R,Y,B connections in distribution panels.
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Laminated connectors

Laminated connectors are used for a flexible connection in moving parts which provides ON/OFF connections specially in Breakers.
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Forgings are used in low to high voltage products for different type of connection and distribution.
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Assemblies From small tulip assemblies, mechanisms to large disconnectors, MSS can cater every demand from customer in assembly segment.
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Machined Parts

Machined Parts – Every power distribution unit has requirement of machined copper and aluminium parts to fit and pass various connection. MSS has ability to produce precision components to fulfil this demand.

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